Mt. Race during COVID-19

July 27-29 was my first ever multi-day trip on the AT. It was hot, my pack was heavy and water was scarce. Even still, the AT did not disappoint. I found the usual suspects: wind bringing peace and cool, animals bringing company, sweat bringing reward and random people though fewer than typical for this time of year.

The southern portion of the AT in Massachusetts proves to be the understated gem of the Berkshires. Sages Ravine (in CT, technically) ascends into a magical peak of Mt. Race. The peak/peaks being similar (though much smaller) to that/those of Knife’s Edge on Mt. Katahdin, the northern terminus of the entire AT. Hiking on such a peak, you realize you are not simply walking on earth so much as you are moving with all of the universe, however vast it may be. As a Christian, a faith walk becomes more palpable with each bead of sweat. I wish not to explain how but simply point to my truth in this regard (at least for now). As an LGBTQ person, the gender-less-ness of the earth’s connective tissue empowers. Mystery is revealed, once again.

My heart is already longing for my next encounter with the AT. I’m thinking late August. Check out Instagram for queer gear reviews. My handle is preachersaraholla.

Looking southeast from Mt. Race
Sunrise at Laurel Ridge Campsite
Home for the 2nd night on the trail
Sages Ravine